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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is recognized worldwide for its Chemfab® non-stick solutions and maintains over 40 years of product and process development experience.  We hold a prominent position as the global leader in PTFE coated fabrics, PTFE fabric laminates and silicone coated fabrics used in consumer applications for food processing, electronics, photovoltaic, environmental and energy, and in industrial applications in polymer processing, packaging and textiles.


Chemfab® non-stick solutions is of benefit in numerous applications where high temperature, chemically resistant, and flexible advanced materials are required.  Our ongoing product development is application specific and customized to provide superior value to the customer.  Our strengths lie in our continued investment and commitment to R&D and manufacturing technology.


Fabrics,  Radome PartsNorton® Flight Structures, another group within Coated Fabrics, is a leading global supplier of radomes for aircraft and air vehicles.  These radome applications vary from private and light aircraft installations to large commercial aircraft.  Saint-Gobain manaufactures many radomes as an OEM, and also manufactures nose radomes of its design for air transport, commuter, corporate, and general aviation aircraft.  The group is also experienced in maintenance of radomes.


Fabricated and Protective Systems utilizes high-tech composites to provide end-use products and complete engineered systems for very demanding Protective Systems Business applications.  Fabricated Systems custom designs communications equipment, i.e. radomes, antenna covers and shelters, and electromagnetic windows.  The Protective Systems group develops chemical and biological protective products utilizing advanced fabric technology and conversion of these fabrics.


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Additional Brands and Products

  • Chemlam® PTFE fabric laminates combine all the resistance properties of advanced fluoropolymer films with the mechanical strength of fiberglass and aramid fabrics.
  • Chemstik® and CHR® PTFE fabric tapes are comprised of PTFE coated and/or laminated fabrics with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. 
  • Darlyn® and Flueflex® expansion joint membranes provide high strength, chemical and temperature resistance and used in exhaust ducting systems for major power plants and industrial installations.
  • Chemsil® silicone glass fabric represents both one and two-sided silicone coated fabrics, making excellent non-stick release properties and good chemical resistance, but with higher levels of surface friction.
  • CHR® pressure sensitive adhesive tapes in a variety of film, fabric, metal, laminations or paper substrates.
  • SlipGrip® silicone glass fabrics is an innovative combination of PTFE coating on one side and silicone on the other which provides a "slippy" low friction surface on side, and a "grippy" higher surface friction on the other.  Ideal material to create a removable non-stick work surface.
  • Sheerfill® architectural membrane used in permanent structures made of fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).  Available in various strengths and light transmission levels.
  • Fabrasorb® acoustical absorptive membranes used as liners in architectural membrane systems to enhance the thermal and sound characteristics of fabric roof systems.



Aerospace (Tapes)




Aerospace (Radomes)





Aerospace (Fabrics)


CHR® tapes provide important manufacturing process aids and on-board functions vital in complex air and space applications.


Telecommunication radome structures from fiberglass, quartz, honeycomb and foam cores, epoxy and cyanate ester resins, utilizing thermoset and thermoplastic processes.


Chemfab® fabrics for wiring, hosing, insulation of aerospace components

ConsumerChemfab® non-stick solutions for use in food applications.  Suitable for direct food contact and FDA compliant.


Electronics (Fabrics)





Electronics (Tapes)



Electronics  (Fabricated Systems)

Chemfab® PTFE-fabrics and laminates, used as components in industrial equipment.  Excellent dielectric insulation, RF transparency, outstanding temperature and chemical resistance.


CHR® electronic assembly and fabrication tapes.


Fabricated Systems for radomes, electromagnetic windows, and shield antenna systems


Energy (Environment)




Energy (Photovoltaic) 

PTFE coated expansion joint materials aid in emitting less pollutants in coal-fired power plants.


Chemfab® non-stick PTFE fabrics widely used as release materials in the vacuum lamination process of rigid or flexible photovoltaic modules.


HabitatSheerfill® and Fabrasorb® architectural and acoustical PTFE fabric membrane products for exterior roofing systems and canopies.Construction
Industrial (Fabrics)


Industrial (Tapes)




Industrial  (Protective Equipment)


Chemfab® non-stick PTFE fabrics combine excellent release properties with high dimensional stability and superior chemical resistance in severe service applications.



CHR® tapes for various industrial and commercial applications.




Protective Systems for protective C / B  products: OneSuit®, ONEGlove® 

General Industry
Life Sciences (Protective Equipment)

Protective Systems for protective C / B  products: OneSuit®, ONEGlove®