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27 October 2015
Saint-Gobain Seals Designs & Manufactures Extraordinary Cryogenic Seal for NASA Space Launch System Project

Saint-Gobain Seals reaches a high-performance mark by producing a cryogenic seal of exceptional size (more than six feet wide) for NASA’s “Space Launch System (SLS)” project, which is commissioned for deeper space exploration. . .
03 November 2015
Preventing Food Safety & Performance Issues in Espresso & Cappuccino Dispensing Equipment
Jay Kistner, owner of Dolce Neve, an espresso and coffee equipment service agent discusses how the automated beverage dispensing machine maintenance requirements are affected by milk build up.
30 October 2015
Indispensable Solutions, Win-Win Lesson
Why educating end-users on the cost- and time- saving benefits of tubing replacements is a win-win lesson
28 August 2015
Vending International Features Tygon® SPT-50 LF Tubing
Iuliana Nita, global marketing manager of the Process Systems Business Unit at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, got in touch with Vending International to highlight the danger of milk fouling.